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Kadikalesi is a relatively quiet town in comparison to other districts of Bodrum, and it is mostly made up of residences and hotels built along a wide coastal road. 

It is 22 kilometers from Bodrum and is located on the 6th kilometer of the Turgutreis-Gumusluk road.

Kadikalesi beach extends all the way to Turgutreis. The pleasant coastal road leads to the village square and, with its walking trail, draws everyone's attention. A large camping area on this road, in a tangerine grove, hosts both tents and caravans for campers to enjoy their time. 

Furthermore, because the beach is usually windy, Kadikalesi is one of the most popular places during extremely hot summer days.

History of Kadikalesi

It is believed that the first Leleges settled in this bay during ancient times. This is estimated by observing the Lelegian ruins of the cities of Myndus and Termera in the region, which is why the Leleges are thought to have settled here for a time.

The historical fountain and centuries old trees are worth seeing. Captain Suleiman is said to have built the historical fountain, which is decorated with Ottoman inscriptions, in the 1600s for other captains who came to the region in search of fresh water.

There is also a legend surrounding the name Kadikalesi. It is said that the "Qadi" (Islamic Judge) of the region lived in the castle, which was built during the Hellenistic period and is now almost hidden due to the tourist facilities surrounding it. As a result, the locals choose the name Kadikalesi (The Castle of the Qadi) for this area. 

On top of the bay, there is a well-preserved Orthodox Church that has recently been restored and landscaped. The church is thought to be over 400 years old.

Eastern Orthodox Church

The Orthodox Church in Kadikalesi is the region's oldest historical structure, estimated to be 400 years old. The remains of frescoes on the walls can be seen inside the well-preserved church. The church is located in a vacation housing development. It has recently been restored and is now open to the public. It is particularly popular with Greek visitors from Kos, Kalymnos, Samos, and Patmos.

Places To See

Fish restaurants, beach, and lush tangerine gardens on the Kadikalesi coast

Bodrum Municipality's Public Beach

Eastern Orthodox Church

The Ottoman Fountain that is located on the Turgutreis-Gumusluk road, near the Kadikalesi Exit.

And Also

Along the coast of Kadikalesi, there are numerous large tourist facilities. One of them is Sianji Well Being Resort.

Sunset in Kadikalesi is also spectacular. If you enjoy photography, you should definitely watch the sunset in Kadikalesi. 


If you have a car, driving to Turgutreis and turning right at the crossroads before downtown will take you to Kadikalesi in about 10 minutes. Gumusluk is only 3-4 minutes away from the town.

Gumusluk Taxi: Tel: 0252 394 3228

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