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Despite being an official district of Bodrum, Gumbet has evolved into a distinct region in its own right due to its unique characteristics and charm. Even on foot, you can reach Gumbet, which is almost entwined with Bodrum's downtown, via Neyzen Tevfik Street, the main street, by following the steep road and turning left, right in front of the Military Camp.

The peninsula's most popular hotels are concentrated in and around Gumbet Bay. Gumbet, which offers a wonderful mix of sea, sun, beach, and nightlife, draws attention with its long beach and is a popular tourist destination.

Gumbet's vibrant nightlife can be experienced in a variety of bars, clubs, and pubs. There are so many foreign tourists on its streets that you might mistake it for London or Belfast.

Gumbet also has a different option for a pleasant vacation: water sports. Gumbet Bay offers a variety of water sports options, including surfing and water skiing.

The fact that nearly all of the hotels are on or very close to the beach, as well as the ability to walk to downtown Bodrum, make Gumbet a popular destination for families with children. Gumbet, on the other hand, is the preferred vacation and entertainment destination for the young and the young at heart.

Places To See

Nightlife; Bars, pubs, clubs

City Walls of Halicarnassus

Historical Myndos Gate

Things To Do

Visit a nightclub

Spend your day at the beach.

Water sports, particularly parasailing

In the restaurants, you can taste exquisite examples of Mexican and Far Eastern cuisine.

Take a stroll along the long beach.

From the windmills on Haremtan Hill, you can see Bodrum and Gumbet.

Take a stroll down the bar street.

Places To Swim

You can swim all along the beach

There is also a Public Beach of Bodrum Municipality


Gumbet can be reached via the main street, Neyzen Tevfik Street, by following the steep road and turning left in front of the Military Camp.

You can also get here by taking the Gumbet Roundabout, which is near the Ancient Theatre on the Bodrum-Turgutreis road.

It is worth noting that parking spaces are scarce during the summer.

Gumbet Taxi: 0252 319 2926

Tepe Taxi: 0252 319 3196 

Deniz Taxi: 0252 319 4945

Dost Taxi:  0252 319 2300

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