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Akyarlar is one of Bodrum's most attractive settlements with its wonderful beaches and sparkling sea. When you leave Akyarlar and follow the coastal road, you would arrive at Karaincir.

Aspat Hill, which rises like a triangle from the shore, has a castle on its top and the ruins of a historical Greek church on its slopes, is said to be one of the first settlements in Bodrum.

This area where the Lelegians settled in ancient times was called Termera. Akyarlar, which was called Arhialla in ancient times, is thought to have been a Greek summer resort due to the types of houses on the beach.

There are four beautiful sandy beaches in Akyarlar. It is noteworthy that most of the beaches have extremely suitable conditions for surfing. Fish restaurants, pide shops, local pastries and pancakes add flavor to the region.

Especially in the afternoon and evening, Akyarlar is one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sun set next to Kos Island.

The taste of strawberries sold in greengrocers and markets in June is very popular.

The crowded and colorful life in summer turns into calmness and serenity in winter.

If you go east from Turgutreis on the coastal road you would first come across a lighthouse. Cape Huseyin, where this lighthouse is located, is the closest point in Turkey to the island of Kos. The lighthouse serves as a restaurant today. If you wish, you can stop by for a meal with a gorgeous view. When you follow this road and drive a little further, you will see Xanadu, a huge touristic facility on a peninsula stretching on your right. If you continue, you will see Kefaluka Resort Hotel which takes its name from the old name of Akyarlar.


Akyarlar, which is 21 km from Bodrum, 8 km from Turgutreis and 58 km from Milas-Bodrum Airport, can be reached by turning left from Gurece on the way to Turgutreis from Bodrum. You can reach this beautiful town by following the coastal road eastward from Turgutreis also.

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