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Karakaya Village, which has a history of 800 years in Bodrum, is one of the rare settlements that have been restored by preserving its characteristics.

Karakaya Village welcomes you when you turn right before Islamhaneleri Village and turn to Gumusluk road, just after Derekoy. The village, which is hidden in the steep cliffs of Peksimet Mountain at an altitude of 450 meters in order to protect it from pirate attacks in the 14th and 16th centuries, and consists of stone houses built on the rocks, draws attention with its narrow paths, slopes and colorful flowers in every season.

Many of the old stone houses here are used as summer houses, especially by those who come from Istanbul, with their interiors renovated to meet all kinds of modern needs. At a great vantage point overlooking Gumusluk Bay, the Karakaya Village is hidden among the mountains and declared an urban protected area. Therefore, Karakaya offers its visitors a quiet life full of walking and cruising opportunities throughout the year. Today, it continues to expand by new restaurants, recreational and artistic areas around it.

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