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Turgutreis, which has the capacity to be a district on its own, is a very lively town today with its competing touristic facilities and marina.

Turgutreis, Bodrum's largest and equally active town, is connected to Gumusluk via Kadikalesi on one side and to Ortakent via Akyarlar from the coast on the other by a long and well-maintained coastal road.

Turgutreis, located in the west of the Bodrum Peninsula, got its name from Turgut Reis, the great admiral of the Ottoman Navy, who was born here and known as "Dragut" in Europe.

Today Turgutreis is a growing town with many high-quality hotels, restaurants, beaches and shops.

Akyarlar, Aspat and Kadikalesi are among the places to visit around Turgutreis. On the strip of islands stretching to the west, the wreckage of many ancient ships sunk in shallow waters can be seen. The first underwater archaeological excavations, which led to the opening of the Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum, were also carried out in this region.

Strong and unpredictable winds and currents make Turgutreis a paradise for windsurfers, if not for novices. Watching the spectacular sunset is one of the most enjoyable things to do in Turgutreis. The local market set up on Saturdays is worth seeing. A beautiful walking and cycling path covering the entire coast offers a nice opportunity for those who want to do outdoor sports.

Turgutreis also gained an international customs status with the D-Marine Turgutreis Marina. You can find daily trips to the Greek Islands of Kos and Kalymnos from Turgutreis.

Turgutreis Life Center

Turgutreis Life Center was built in the area where the old town hall is located. The center has a children's playground, city market, viewing terrace, workshops and shops, exhibition areas and parking lot.

The center, which will also be a solution to the parking problem in the region with its large car park, is a lively social area where Bodrum residents and those who come to the district on holiday can have a pleasant time and participate in artistic activities with workshop and exhibition areas.

The new Life Center, the construction of which was started in 2017 and was established on an area of approximately 6 decares, is expected to be a meeting place that also changes the face of Turgutreis with its green areas.

Turgutreis Sevket Sabanci Park
This beautiful park, built by Sevket Sabanci, is one of the loveliest areas of Turgutreis with its restaurant and cafeteria. With its amphitheater, preserved surroundings and seaside location, it is a place preferred by families with children.

Admiral Turgutreis Statue

In the Turgutreis Sevket Sabanci Park there is also an impressive statue of Turgut Reis (Dragut), the legendary Ottoman Admiral. The statue of Turgut Reis, which is 4 meters high, weighs 9 tons and is depicted with a flag bearer by sculptor Tulin Atalay, was placed in the park in 2004. We recommend that you attend the Turgut Reis commemoration ceremonies held around the statue in June.

If you are traveling by your own car, it is very easy to reach Turgutreis directly from Bodrum via the highway. Following the main road, a 20-minute drive will take you to Turgutreis without deviating anywhere.

Places to see:
Kadıkalesi and Roman Church.
Cape Huseyin, Akyarlar, Bagla Bay.
Aspat Castle and Termera Ruins.

Local market on Saturdays .
Meteorology Bay.

Sevket Sabanci Culture and Art Center.

Things to do:
Boat tours

Watching movies under the moonlight at the outdoor cinema of D-Marin.
Sailing at Cape Huseyin.

Watching the sunset.

Learning about the famous admiral Turgut Reis.

Drinking tea in the afternoon in the cafeteria in Sabanci Park.

Admiral Turgut Reis Commemoration Events (in June)

Bodrum Motorcycle Club Motor Races (in April)

Camel Wrestling (in January)

Places to Swim:
You can swim along the entire coast. If you like the open sea, Blue-Point Beach in D- Marin may be interesting.

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