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A lovely town in the middle of Bodrum, with villages like Mazi and Guvercinlik embracing the sea: Mumcular

On the way to Bodrum, the road that turns left from the exit of Guvercinlik leads to Mumcular. When you drive this way and go about 4-5 km, you will find yourself in Karaova. Mumcular, which was a place where everyone wanted to own a few acres of land due to its fertile soil in the past, is now known for its agricultural lands, albeit partially.

There are 11 villages around Karaova, which is 29 km from Bodrum, and it is the center of Mumcular.

The lake of the dam adds a special beauty to Mumcular. Some of the dam water is used for irrigation and a small amount is used to supply drinking water to Bodrum.

You can visit Mumcular both to see the surrounding villages and to discover the famous Milas Carpet. Mumcular is one of the production centers of this well-known carpet. If you want to browse or buy Milas Carpets, we can say that Mumcular is the right place.

Mumcular also advanced in olive cultivation. Almost every family living in the town and surrounding villages is engaged in olive cultivation. We recommend you taste the wonderful olives and especially olive oil here.

You can visit the market on Sundays and buy the freshest vegetables and fruits.

If you want to swim, you can go to Yaliciftlik and Mazi, near the town, and swim on the wonderful beaches there.

Although Mumcular has undergone a major urbanization process in recent years, it is one of the areas that most closely adheres to the philosophy of "living in nature" in Bodrum. In many neighborhoods, local people still continue to cultivate vineyards, farms, and livestock.

Camlik Village, which you will reach by turning right on the way to Torba-Milas, is a village preferred by Bodrum residents to have a lavish Turkish breakfast. Etrim Village is known as a place for foreign tourists to buy carpets and have village breakfasts. Carpets are still woven in these villages, although not as often as before, unfortunately, it is not a preferred profession among young people.

Weaving in Etrim Village

The Etrim Carpets cooperation was established by Etrim people who were engaged in carpet-rug weaving and trade in their beautiful gardens and village houses. Etrim locals welcome the tourist groups with their special menu of gozleme, tea, or ayran, and then they exhibit local carpets and sell them. While there are many carpets in the carpet galleries in the typical Bodrum village houses, lavish Turkish breakfast and food await those who wish in the authentic restaurants among the gardens.

Karaova Region Wines

The first wine-making adventures of Karaova Region, namely Mumcular and its surroundings, started in 2004 with Mehmet Vuran. Born in Mumcular, Mehmet Vuran created the Garova brand with the grapes he collected from his own vineyards in his small workshop in the Karanlik region (Etrim).

Then, Bodrum Winery started wine production in this region under the label of VinBodrum. While the efforts to make good wine with small capacity continued, Karnas Vineyards introduced the people of Bodrum to the wines obtained from the grapes grown in Selia Farm. Wine-tasting trips are also organized to these farms. Mor Salkim Vineyards brought Cabernet Savignon grapes to Bodrum in 2013. With these developments, at the end of the 2000s, the region started to host Karaova Vintage Festival.

Karaova Vintage Festival

In the past, only the villagers produced grapes for their own use, but nowadays, grape production is steadily improving, especially among those who immigrated from Istanbul and other cities. When the developments in winemaking are added to this process, Mumcular and its region became prominent enough to host the Garova Vineyards Vintage Festival. The plain where Mumcular is located is called Karaova/Garova and the name of the festival comes from here.

You can reach Mumcular by several exits from Guvercinlik, Torba, and Bodrum Yokusbasi. People generally prefer to go on a faster and smoother road via Guvercinlik, as the roads taken by turning right from Bodrum and Torba are quite old and winding. This route takes 40 minutes, and it is 30 km.

Mumcular Taxi: Tel: 0252 373 5158

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