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Bağla Bay

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Bagla Bay, which is 14 km away from Bodrum, is one of the most well-known and loved coves of the Bodrum Peninsula and one of the most suitable beaches for swimming. The Cape of Bagla, which stretches thinly towards the sea, is also shown on the Piri Reis map from the 15th century.

Bağla Bay, which also has a fresh water source, is one of the frequent destinations of the people of Bodrum, especially on weekends.

From Ortakent beach, you can reach Bagla Bay by climbing two more hills. By sea, after passing Kargi, you can reach Bagla by passing a small cape. Especially for those going by sea, the water reservoir on the top of the Bank-Ev residential complex can serve as a signal point to show that Bagla has been reached. If you want to go by land, just take the Akyarlar minibus and get off at the Bagla stop.

Like Kargi Bay, Bagla also has a lot of ancient ruins and shipwrecks at the bottom its crystal waters. At the same time, Bagla is an important stop for daily tour boats.

Excursion boats often stop by the beautiful bay to the west of Bagla Cape. Small recesses on the east side of the bay are quieter. In addition, the bay and its surroundings are also very suitable for camping.


Transportation can be provided from Bodrum Center, as well as from Turgutreis coast. You can also reach Bagla on the road that turns left from Gurece on the way to Turgutreis.

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