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A lace-like coastline, beautiful coves and an enchanting nature. A new masterpiece is prepared for you in the sky at every sunset in Yalikavak ...

Yalikavak is one of the most attractive regions of Bodrum Peninsula. From the moment you reach the hill where the mills are located with your car, the magnificent view of Yalikavak enchants you. Coves with zigzagging shores, each more beautiful than the other, are embroidered on these shores like a lacework. If we add its authenticity, fascinating sunsets, delicious fish restaurants along the coast, and its luxury marina to the charming qualities of Yalikavak we can compare the town to a magical world.

After Yalikavak Marina was renovated by incorporating world’s luxury brands, Yalikavak was almost rediscovered by the jet set and became a serious rival to Turkbuku's long-lasting popularity.

Yalikavak is also home to many private villas and luxury hotels.

Beautiful fish restaurants await you on the road to Geris from the coast of Yalikavak, where the sunsets turn into magnificent lightshows. Coves that compete in beauty, such as Tilkicik, Gokcebel and Koyunbaba, are quite enjoyable. We definitely recommend you see the old Greek village of Sandima and the Panormus Rock Tombs on the Kudur Peninsula.

Things to do:
Watching the sunsets.

Visiting the Panormus Cliffs and rock tombs
Taking nature hikes

Having in a boat tour

Tasting delicious examples of world cuisine at Yalikavak Marina
Watching the view from the top of the mills

Having dinner at one of the fish restaurants

Learning about Mediterranean Seals

Watching camel wrestling

Places to swim
You can swim wherever you want on the coast of Yalikavak.

Yalikavak is in the northwest of Bodrum. After passing Konacik and Bitez roundabouts with your car, you turn right after Metro Market and arrive at the top of the mills with a steep and winding road. You reach Yalikavak with a 5-minute winding road that continues down after the restored mill on the hill.

Yalikavak Taxi: 0252 385 4089

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