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Kudur Peninsula

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Yalikavak is as famous for its surrounding bays as it is for the city center. In addition to beautiful bays such as Gokcebel, Koyunbaba and Tilkicik, the gorgeous beaches around the Kudur Peninsula also attract attention. Especially the Kudur Peninsula, which is still mostly untouched, has not lost anything from its natural beauty as it is a protected area.

Panormus Rock Tombs
At Bodrum's Yalikavak District, Kudur Area, on the slope of Alacain Bay, there are Panormus Rock Tombs, overlooking the sea and the Red Island.

Although the exact date is not known due to the destruction caused by pillaging, it is estimated that these tombs were built during the Ancient Greek, Lycian or Carian periods, which are thought to belong to the 7th and 8th centuries BC.

Unfortunately, these tombs do not have any protection today and are left to their fate.

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