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Bodrum Leleg Route - Hiking Trail

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The Leleges, who settled in Bodrum before the Carians, are regarded as the region's first inhabitants. They built nine cities on the tops of the mountains in Bodrum around 2700-3000 years ago.

Myndos, Syangela, Termera, Theangela, Sibda, Uranium, Pedasa, Madnasa, and Telmissos were the names of these cities and some of them have surviving remains to the present day. Pedasa is one of them.

The Bodrum Leleg Route, which follows the traces of these ancient cities on the mountain tops, was marked according to international hiking route standards and signage, then opened in 2017 to the service of nature lovers, hikers, and people who embrace a healthy lifestyle.
The hiking trail, which is divided into seven stages, begins in Etrim.

The Bodrum Leleg Route is 88 kilometers long and includes the stages of Theangela, Kaplandagi, Kocadag, Pinardagi, Kisladagi, Pedasa, Derekoy, and Turgutreis. To reach the main route from any part of Bodrum, there are 27 connection points, each of which is marked and signed.

While hiking the Bodrum Main Route, you can visit historical sites and natural wonders. Partipanas Rock and Tiger Cave are two examples. 

The Bodrum Leleg Route Northern Trail is an additional route in the north of Bodrum that begins in Guvercinlik and ends in Torba. This route also has connections to the main route. The route also includes independent trails such as Karaada, Aquarium, Bitez, Ortakent, and Yakakoy.

There are even designated routes for cyclists...

Bodrum Leleg Route is a medium difficulty trail that is gaining popularity due to its rich diversity.

Because it usually follows the tops of the mountains as a route, you can see Bodrum from an entirely new perspective. The views are simply breathtaking.

The Bodrum Leleg Route will alter your perception of the city. This exceptional hiking trail, which can be reached in just 15 minutes, will immerse you in the lush nature of Bodrum peninsula.

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