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Gardens full of tangerine trees, a dreamy bay, and delicious culinary adventures…

Welcome to Bitez, the beloved district of Bodrum.

When you turn left from the Bitez junction on the Bodrum-Turgutreis road, towards the beach, you would arrive in Bitez. If you continue on the road that extends in front of the Bodrum Courthouse, you would come across the old village square of Bitez and the “Agacli” neighborhood, now known as the village part of Bitez. Restaurants to explore, tiny shops to discover and of course, the narrow meandering paths leading to Bitez's famous tangerine gardens can be reached from here.

We recommend you take a look at the daily life of Bitez flowing unhurriedly in front of you while having a coffee at the "Ağacli Kadin Kahvesi", an old Bodrum house in the center of the village now serving as a coffee house for women.

If your coffee break is over, you can take a walk on the paths through the “Bag Arasi” (Among the Groves) region amongst the lush tangerine groves, or you can go down to the beach and enjoy the sparkling sea of Bitez coast (Bitez Yalisi).

If you choose the “Bag Arasi” option, you can take a quiet walk on the shaded paths and dried river beds stretching between fragrant lemon and tangerine trees. It is also possible to pamper yourself with some delicious food if you stop by the charming little restaurants and breakfast venues scattered among the gardens during your walk.

When you go down to the beach, Bitez Yalisi, the special name for the shoreline of Bitez, welcomes you. Bitez, one of Bodrum's favorite bays with its pleasant beach and shallow turquoise sea, is lively with its venues along the coast. You will discover a colorful Bitez around you while walking on this beach, which offers a very enjoyable walking track from one end to the other.

The beach of Bitez is generally preferred by families with children, with its sandy beach and shallow sea that does not deepen easily, but if you like deep waters, the beaches in the Aktur area, Bodrum's first cooperative houses, may be more attractive to you. You can try various famous Beach Clubs there.

Let's not forget that Bitez is also one of the well-known beaches in the surfing world. The wind is quite favorable and excellent windsurfing escapades can be found here. You can find many large and small surfing organizations that provide training and rental equipment along the beach or on the beaches in Aktur.

Are you a little hungry after enjoying the sea at Bitez Yalisi during the day? When the sunbeds are up and replaced by tables, you can try the restaurants that compete in flavors along the beach. A delicious dinner awaits you on this lively beach with venues catering to all tastes.

If you fall in love with Bitez and want to stay here, there are many different options, from small family-run hostels to full-size hotels that provide all the amenities expected from their level.

Things to see: 

Mandarin orchards, Lively beach, Narrow streets of the village

Things to do:

Water sports, especially sailing and surfing. 

Walking on the tree-lined paths formed by the dried river beds between the gardens. 

Towards the end of summer, picking blackberries from blackberry bushes by the roadside. 

Collecting and drying leaves from laurel trees, which are abundant in Bitez.

Where to swim: 

You can swim wherever you want on the wide coastline of Bitez. 

A part of this is reserved as a Public Beach by the Municipality. Also, restaurants and hotels serve the beaches in front of them and provide sunbeds. Public Beach is free but you have to spend on others. Along the coast, the sea is shallow, and the water is warmer deepening far from the shore. 

Apart from these, private beaches attract attention, especially in the east of the coast and in the Aktur region. There are some very popular ones among them. The beaches in the Aktur region have a rocky and deep sea, unlike the center of the bay. That's why they are more popular.


If you have a car, it is very easy to get to Bitez from Bodrum. On the main road, you need to go until Bitez Junction and turn left at the intersection. Bitez from Bodrum takes about 10 minutes if you do not take into account the traffic lights.

Bitez Taxi: 

Serves at two separate stands, one at Bitez Yalisi (the beach) and the other in front of the Courthouse 

Phone: 0252 363 756

Public Transportation: 

You can reach the current public transportation schedule of Muğla Metropolitan Municipality by scanning the QR code on your phone.

Walking in Bitez Yalisi: 

The coastal path of Bitez Mansion is adorned with restaurants and cafeterias. It offers a pleasant walk in the evening, before or after dinner. Especially if you come to Bodrum for the first time, we are sure that it will be a walk you will enjoy very much. You may be tempted by the light-filled venues and the careful preparation of the restaurants. You can end your day with a nice dinner by feeling the gentle breeze of the Aegean. This walking path is 1.5-2 km from one end to the other and you can access the inner streets from the middle of it where the mosque is located, which.


Gorecek Island, which stands parallel to the peninsula extending from Bitez to the Aegean Sea forms a strait between the peninsula that is called “Adabogazi” (The Island Cape). The small island at the southeast end of the strait nearly closes this tiny strait and creates a secluded area. Just across the small island, there are two beautiful bays on the mainland. These two bays and this area, which are very close to each other, are called “Aquarium Bay” among the locals. This region, which is frequented by blue cruise boats, is also on the route of daily boats. Here you can take a break and swim in the crystal clear sea. A special hiking track of the Bodrum Leleg Trail is also located here on the Adabogazi peninsula. It is a beautifully marked trail. It starts from Bitez marina winds around the peninsula and ends at the same place. It is an attractive route for hiking enthusiasts, especially in the summer months, as it is also possible to swim in the sea.

“Agacli Women's Cafe”: 

You can see the “Agacli Kadin Kahvesi” on the main road in Bitez village. Women's Cafe is a lovely place where women spend their time comfortably, enjoy various activities, and meet up for wonderful gatherings.

Windsurf in Bitez: 

Bitez Bay is a location famous for its sea and winds that are suitable for surfing. It is one of the important surfing centers in Turkey. Among the biggest advantages of Bitez are the ease of transportation and the availability of facilities that rent surf equipment all around the year. The sandy and shallow coast make it easy for beginners. The wind, which accelerates in the afternoon, is one of the reasons that attract surfers from all over the world to Bitez.

For Windsurf:

Rush Windsurfing

Phone: 0533 960 4046

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