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Bodrum's Sail Training Vessel

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STS Bodrum - Bodrum's Sail Training Vessel

STS Bodrum, the Turkish Republic's first sail training vessel, was built with financial contributions from various institutions by BOSAV (Bodrum and Karya Culture, Art, and Promotion Foundation). Bodrum Sail Training Vessel, which aims to train young sailors, was completed with the help of many people, institutions, and organizations concerned about this issue. Since October 2001, STS Bodrum has trained countless seafarers through its training programs.

On the Training Vessel, weekly and monthly courses covering basic maritime information, general culture, navigation, sailing, engine maintenance, tourism service, sailing life, love of the sea, manners and discipline, and sports are offered.

In addition to the Bodrum Cup, which is held in the autumn, STS Bodrum participates in various races and events around the world, bringing valuable trophies to its collection each year. STS Bodrum is anchored in front of Denizciler Kahvesi (Sailors' Cafe). Sailing enthusiasts can see it and visit it there.

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