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A Journey into the fascinating history of Bodrum

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Aside from its popularity, Bodrum is notable for its rich history.

Leleges and Carians were important figures in Bodrum's history. The most beautiful examples of the Leleg culture, dating from 500 to 1000 BC, can be found today in Konacik, in the ancient city of Pedasa.

The Leleges were the first settlers of Bodrum, establishing cities on the peaks of the mountains, and they vanished during the reign of the Carians, who succeeded them. The Carians' most important legacy is the Maosoleum, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

Myndos Gate, which was used by Alexander the Great during his occupation, is located right at the entrance of Gumbet. The Ottoman Shipyard can be found at the very end of the Bodrum Marina. After being restored, the Ottoman Shipyard is now used as an exhibition hall. During the summer, the Antique Theater transforms into a concert venue. Listening to music and watching Bodrum is a fantastic experience. Bodrum Castle, built by the Knights of St. John, is an attraction that will take you a full day to discover.

Some places to visit include the Myndos ruins and Rabbit Island in Gumusluk, the Panornus Rock Tombs on the Kudur Peninsula in Yalikavak, the Cheese Flower Cave and the 5 Stairs Church in Gundogan.

Apart from these, the Greek church in Kadikalesi, the Church Ruins in Bodrum's center, and abandoned villages such as Girelbelen and Sandima are all excellent places to visit from recent history.

Follow us to discover the fascinating historical heritage of Bodrum.



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